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Brand Marketing Director - Mobile

  • Surrey
  • 40,000-44,999 per annum
  • March 21, 2019
  • Permanent
About the Job:
General Description
The Director of IM Category Marketing will be responsible for leading a team to define, implement, monitor and refine the marketing strategy for the Samsung mobile business in Europe – the key output of the role is to grow consumer demand for the Samsung mobile portfolio – smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories. The Director of IM Category Marketing will be expected to influence the most senior marketing resources in headquarters to develop propositions and launch campaigns that are optimised for use in Europe. In turn the role will then work with Samsung local subsidiaries to activate and implement campaigns that drive growth. The successful candidate will most likely be a consumer marketing professional with experience in brand, operate with a strong understanding of product marketing and have proven experience in digital marketing in the European markets. The role will require effective communication between multiple parties at headquarters, regional and at local level to ensure campaigns are activate to generate consumer demand.
• Target audience definition – working closely with mobile headquarters in Korea, the Director of IM Category Marketing will analyse existing market research and shape the target audience definition. Frequently persuading (E)VP level decision makers to ensure that the proposition and campaign plans meet the needs of the European business. The role will be expected to identify gaps in consumer understanding and work with HQ to close any gaps. The role will need to work with multiple stakeholders at a number of different levels, both internally and externally, with a highly divergent agenda. 
• Value proposition – the Director of IM Category Marketing will craft simple and compelling value propositions that fundamentally address what experiences we should communicate to the target audience. They will be expected to detail the reasons as to why consumers should buy the product from Samsung or a Samsung partner. As all propositions are centralised in headquarters, the successful candidate will be expected to build a network of relationships with executive decision makers in order to ensure success. The candidate must be confident to work at the product and marketing campaign level.
• Campaign management – the role should optimize the strategy, plan and creative deliverables for all marketing campaigns for the consumer sector. Building influence with HQ mobile marketing, the Director of IM Category Marketing, will develop campaign and media frameworks and support HQ to deliver creative that meets the European marketing strategy. The role requires extensive knowledge of local markets in Europe to add context and greater efficiency in local marketing.
• Promotional Offers - the role should operate with significant levels of commercial understanding to deliver compelling offers to each consumer channel – GPG, Local Operator and Retailer. Building on the end user value proposition; the Director of IM Category Marketing should map the value to the channel, consider the promotional windows and plan then deliver a set of campaign offers which could be activated in each channel. Plans should be commercially driven and articulated using compelling marketing templates.
• Future product requirements – ensure the needs of specific audiences are included in the roadmap for future Samsung products and services. This is strategic in nature and will be looking at timescales of over one year. Using a marketing models, insight and research to qualify and quantify the business impact of potential propositions that deliver growth for Samsung’s mobile business in Europe. 
• Budget – the Director of IM Category Marketing will manage the marketing request on a biannual basis, collect and prioritise requirements for marketing programs and quantify each program in line with the value based analysis framework of the marketing team. • Marketing plan – the role is expected to document the quarterly and annual marketing plan for the Consumer segment, detailing the marketing initiatives and priorities that deliver growth in line with the business plan.
• People management and development – people are at the heart of everything we do and this role will be required to lead, manage, develop and grow a team of highly skilled individuals in order to achieve the required objectives.
• HQ Mobile Marketing– the role is expected to foster key executive relationships with Mobile HQ in Korea to define and shape consumer value proposition and key messages to be used in the European region. Working effectively at EVP and VP level; the candidate will be able to influence direction and ensure that quality materials are produced that meet the requirements of the European market
• Regional Mobile Teams and Samsung Electronics subsidiaries – the Director of IM Category Marketing is expected to work across regional mobile team and local subsidiaries to devise and implement campaigns and ensure that the key messages are delivered to the consumer audience. The role will be expected to audit local marketing plans, highlight gaps and effectively resolve with the local marketing teams.
• IM Sales - the Director of IM Category Marketing will support the consumer sales team with marketing programs that increase demand. Delivering compelling and high quality sales tools in time to support the sales process. The role will work with sales on the marketing requirement each quarter and deliver marketing programs that help the teams exceed or met their targets.
• Portfolio Management – working closely with Portfolio Team to define and optimise the product value proposition, the IM Marketing team will craft the materials that communicate the proposition to sales. 

Necessary Skills / Attributes
• Driving for Results – the value of marketers in the European Brand Marketing team is based on their knowledge and understanding of the customer. The Director of IM Category Marketing will have a depth of knowledge and industry experience to comprehend the Consumer – the role will utilise this deep understanding and create compelling value propositions and key messages for each Samsung mobile product and service.
• Navigating Organisations – the Director of IM Category Marketing will thoroughly understand the value proposition, content, and marketing opportunities of each of the flagship products, and represent and advocate them internally to the other teams and the countries. They will be expected to find and utilise data to build the proposition for Europe and work effectively with HQ and EHQ to ensure the right proposition is delivered to Europe.
• Inspiring Others – the role will design and implement effective marketing programs that help the Marketing team within Mobile HQ, European HQ or local country operations design and deliver marketing communication campaigns. Comfortable working with data or creative strategy, the role will operate across the marketing mix and use innovative and creative marketing communications tactics to take communication plans and deliver the Samsung value proposition to customers, partners and end users. The role will constantly challenge the status quo and utilise innovative tactics to design effective marketing programs.
• Building the Best Teams – the European Brand Marketing team supports sales in the communication of the Samsung Consumer value proposition to the target audience and major partners. The role is expected to increase demand for our products and develop campaigns that increase sales. The role delights in the delivery of effective marketing programs and has a passion for delivery of campaign that increases sales results. It will be expected that the role is capable of influencing senior sales resources in the local subsidiaries at VP and President levels. 

As this role will deliver through a team of highly skilled marketing professions, leaderships and people-management skills are fundamental to any success. The ability to lead and motivate direct and matrix teams in multiple locations towards complex and shifting goals is crucial.

• Creative Intelligence – the Director of IM Category Marketing will be commercially astute and have a rock solid grasp of the business goals of the Samsung mobile business in Europe. Utilising this acumen in the development, implementation and measurement of marketing programs the marketer will operate confidently at ETO management team level.
• Significant experience working in high performing marketing teams in the mobile industry
• Significant experience of leading people to deliver marketing programs through teams, working at a regional level and effectively communicating value propositions with global and local stakeholders
• A proven track record of building compelling marketing programs (often through others, internally and externally) that deliver growth to a complex set of Consumer stakeholders
• Must be self-motivated with the ability to multi-task successfully and operate within budgetary and timeline constraints
• Demonstrated business results from delivering on-time and managing to large marketing budgets
• Presented frequently to executives to gain widespread support for marketing programs and initiatives to seek investment that delivers growth
• An ability to connect with people, using a range of influence skills to drive results
• A passion for technology

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